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Life Groups Life Group consists of 10 to 20 people meeting at least twice a month or every other week.

A typical Life Group meeting includes Bible study, prayer and shared lives. The central focus is Christ and God’s Word, and this is accomplished in the context of shared lives. Therefore each Life Group has a social, relational, fellowshipping atmosphere as well.

Life Groups are also Riverwood’s primary mechanism for care. Each group has a Care Point Person who will coordinate care issues within the group and serve as the liaison between the group and the Riverwood Care Office.

Reflecting Christ is another priority of the follower of Christ. Life Groups foster an atmosphere of reflecting Christ within the church and/or to the world.

To join a Life Group please submit this registration form:

First and Last Name
Spouse's Name
Do you have children who will need care during life group?
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  • No
If yes, please tell us your children's names and ages.
Street Address
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